About Us

J.E.T. has been active in the protection of the environment for the last 30 years.

Headed by Mr Philippe JULIEN, a pioneer in the Plastic Recycling field, J.E.T. develops and builds an extensive range of high performance recycling machines to process commingled plastic waste directly (generally without sorting nor washing) into quality end products used for diversified applications .

Mr JULIEN is the creator of the famous ET/1 and MT/1 recycling systems, and was personally involved in the sales of over 162 such commingled plastic recycling plants worldwide.

J.E.T. is at your service to bring you :

  • Turnkey projects as well as single recycling machines to fulfill your specific requirements;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Specialized engineers for the installation and commissioning of the machines and the training of your staff;
  • R&D department to help you solve your plastic waste recycling problems;
  • The most extensive and proven experience in the plastic waste recycling field.